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1) Tennis

2) Table Tennis

3) Volleyball

4) Badminton

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What sports use nets and walls?


Where can you find replacement nets for sport craft arcade basketball?

It is small request don't use replacement nets for sports. It may be damage so use new sports nets before start the game. Choose Nets of America Inc to get quality sports netting

Where can you buy soccer nets?

Soccer nets may be purchased on-line or in stores, rebel sports other sports stores . Simply search for available nets.

Why are basketball nets used?

The whole concept in the usage of basketball nets on a basketball rim might be due to fact that some other professional sports make use of nets at there goal points. Also because of the nature of the sports, it might have something to do with projectile motion.

What type of nets are used for fishing?

there are many types of fishing nets there are gill nets, seinenets, cast nets, hand nets, you can also use traps but that istechnically not a net.thank you for looking this up i guess?

Which sport does not use a net as part of the games equipment?

The sports of American and Canadian football, rugby, baseball and golf do not use nets.

How is volleyball similar to basketball?

both sports use a ball and they both have nets involved and there are timeouts and subs c:

What are hockey nets made out of?

Hockey nets, found on a hockey goal, are 100% nylon. Arizona Sports Equipment

What sports teams that have astronomy words in it?

New Jersey Nets

How many nets does an octahedron have?

It has 8 nets to it

Where do they sell basketball nets?

Probably Dick's sporting goods or hibbet sports or any sports store

What are the best sports teams in New Jersey?

1 of em is New Jersey Nets nets in new jersey

How many cube nets can you make with six different squares?

There are only 11 different types of cube nets if you use six squares.

Sports teams that start with the letter n?

The New Jersey Nets

What tools do biological oceanographers use?

microscopes, plankton nets, and nets

Where could one purchase Goalrilla basketball goals?

Goalrilla basket ball nets are one of the toughest nets available, and are sold by many types of companies including sports suppliers and playground equipment suppliers.

Do you use golf nets to cover your golf clubs when not in use?

Golf nets are not used to cover your golf clubs when not in use. Golf nets are used to stop the golf ball after you hit it. It is like a background stop for the golf ball. There are golf nets for indoor and outdoor use.

What does Burn the Nets mean?

This would seem to be a team cheer in sports, such as "Burn the Wildcats!" when you are playing against a team known as the Wildcats. Burn the Nets is most likely referring to the basketball team, the Nets.

why we use the balcony safety nets what are the users of it?

How many different nets can you make for a cube?

11 nets

How many nets does a cube have?

there are 11 nets that make a cube

How many nets does a cone have?

It can be represented in 2D by two nets

How many sports team does ny have?

New York Yankees, NewYork Mets, New York Nets, NewYork Rangers (they are not done yet!!)

What are New Jerseys major sports teams?

The New Jersey Nets (basketball) - note- the Nets moved to Brooklyn in 2012.The New Jersey Devils- Hockey

How many type of lift nets?

20 types of lift nets