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Q: How many sports illustrated magazines has Peyton Manning been on?
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Where do you get sports illustrated magazines from?

you can get sports illustrated magazines online or at barnes and nobles or books a million.

In which sports would a Peyton Manning jersey be most commonly used?

The sport in which a Peyton Manning jersey would be most commonly used is the sport of football, since Peyton Manning is a football player. Enthusiasts of other sports could use them too.

Where can one find old Sports Illustrated magazines?

The site "Back Issues" specifically sells back issues of magazines, including Sports Illustrated. If this does not work for some reason, some issues of Sports Illustrated are available online from market sites like Amazon and eBay.

Who sells more magazines ESPN the magazine or sports illustrated?

sports illustrated sells about 3,000,000 while ESPN sells about 2,000,000

What sports did Peyton Manning play?

Baseball Basketball and football

How much is a Sports Illustrated Magazine per weekly issue?

here go to this link

How much sports illustrated magazines are worth?

About $7 or $8

What are 1990's sports illustrated magazines worth?

The value of each sports illustrated magazine varies. The average price online is from .99 - 12.99.

Who is the founder of Sports Illustrated?

The founder and publisher of Sports Illustrated was Henry Luce, who also started the magazines Fortune, Life, and House and Home.

How many times was Archie Manning on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

Three times

Which sports person has the most endorsements?

The Highest Endorsed Athlete is Peyton Manning (NFL).

How many rushing yards does Peyton Manning have?

346 yards according to yahoo sports

What are some magazines that focus on sports and outdoors?

The best magazine about sports and outdoors that is worth checking out is "Sports illustrated". You can also look for magazines that focus on individual sports, like "Tennis Magazine", "Runners World" and "Golf Magazine"

Did Peyton Manning play any sports in high school if so what sport was it?

yes football

Which famous sports person shares his last name with another famous sportsperson?

Eli and Peyton Manning

Who was the first sports figure to appear on the covers of Time Newsweek and Sports Illustrated magazines all during the same week?

Josh Hartnett

Where could one find photos of sports?

Your favorite team will have sports pictures on their official website. You can also find sports pictures in magazines such as Sports Illustrated, and from online image searches.

Sports Stars that Wore Number 18?

All I know is that the Colts player, Peyton Manning, has the number 18...

Any pro athletes pro at three sports?

Messi at soccer, Peyton Manning football, and Kevin Durant basketball

What are good sports magazine names?

There are many good sports magazines to choose from. You choice would depend partly on the sports you like. Some sports magazine names are "Sports Illustrated," "ESPN the Magazine" and "Baseball Digest."

What are some popular magazines for kids?

There are many magazines available for kids. Some of the popular ones are National Geographic Little Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids, American Girl, and Twist.

Sports Illustrated Why can one issue have different covers for different parts of the country?

Featuring local teams sells more magazines.

What are the name of some magazines that offer cheap subscriptions?

The names of some magazines that offer cheap subscriptions are Teen, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated. These three magazine subscriptions are very cheap and affordable.

What is the value of Sports Illustrated Magazines or National Geographic Magazines from the decade of the 80's?

This will not answer the question,But we collect old SI mags and we buy them in bulk, Email us at And we will buy them.

What should you draw for sports illustrated?

Ask not what you can draw for Sports Illustrated, but what Sports Illustrated can draw for you.