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Q: How many sports dose India play?
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What Sports dose Japan play?

baseball and soccer

What sports do India play?

India play Cricket and are very fond of Hockey

What sports do they play in India?


Where are ngo in India?

There are many sports NGOs in India. Play and shine Foundation is an NGO located in maharashtra.Visit to know more

What sports dose harry styles play from one direction?


What sports dose Justin bieber like to play?

Hockey and basketball

What sports do the children in India play?

The children in India are too poor and weak from malnutrition too play sports! They want you to donate food and money! Please!

What are the sports that they play in Ancient India?

mccauley read

Are men in India encouraged to play sport?

Yes, they are. They want to play sports.

What are the top 3 sports in India?

Cricket, football and hockey are play lot in india.

Somdev devvrman play which sports?

He plays tennis for India!! :)) ('.')

What sports do children play in India?

cricket and kabaddi are the popular ones.