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ESPN's website offers coverage of at least 35 different sports depending on what is in season. Sports are further broken down by professional and college level, men's and women's sports, and Olympics sports.

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Q: How many sports does ESPN offer?
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Which online service provides a comprehensive list of sports news?

There are many websites on the internet that offer comprehensive lists of sports news daily. The best websites to get sports news is Fox Sports, ESPN and CBS Sports.

Where can one watch ESPN Star Sports online?

ESPN Star Sports is great to subscribe to on television. Is is also available online through many online sites but the very best way to watch is directly on television from the ESPN Star Sports channel. Many sports bars and taverns play ESPN Star Sports as well.

Which satellite TV providers carry ESPN sports?

The satellite companies that offer ESPN would be Dish Network and Direct TV. They both along with all cable providers offer the ESPN Network channel line up.

What website offers it's users the ESPN Scoreboard?

Websites that offer it's users the ESPN Scoreboard include ESPN's official website. On this website, it has all the scores of various sports including NFL, MLB, NHL, NASCAR and many more.

Does ESPN have a 'classic' ESPN channel?

"Yes, ESPN has a classic channel that some cable and satellite providers offer with their packages. On ESPN Classic, sports programs that are determined significant events in sporting history are re-aired."

What does ESPN stand for in ESPN fantasy sports?

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

How many sports channels are there?

espn...everything else sucks.

What types of sports are featured on sports ESPN?

There are numerous sports featured on espn. Football and racing are the top sports that are featured. They also feature tennis, baseball, wrestling, beach volleyball and many others.

What is the duration of ESPN Sports Saturday?

The duration of ESPN Sports Saturday is 2 hours.

How many times per day are ESPN news on air?

ESPN is a worldwide sports channel. In 1996 it launched it's own sports news channel- ESPN News. The channel is transmitting sports news 24 hours a day.

What TV channels in the United States offer sports on demand?

The TV channels in the United States that offer sports on demand include ESPN, DirectTV channels, and Time Warner channels. However, many of these on-demand services require an extra payment.

When was ESPN Sports Saturday created?

ESPN Sports Saturday was created on 2010-04-03.

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