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I've been into many sports... volleyball, Basketball, etc..

but i guess what best suits me is the game of basketball

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 02:59:09
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Q: How many sports do you have?
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How many sports website are there?

There are many, many sports websites :) try googling "sports websites" should work

How many sports are in the 2008 sports?

a lot

Which of these sports is not an olimmpic sport?

many sports are not Olympic sports, like kickball, tag, and many others

How many sports are played in Hawaii?

Many sports are played in Hawaii!!

How many sports are in Zimbabwe?

There are many sports in Zimbabwe. Soccer is particularly popular.

How many sports associations are there?

There are about 553 sports in the world.

How many sports are in the olypmics?

There are 30 sports in olympics

How many sports in America?

There are about 137 sports in America.

How many different sports were in the Olympics?

26 sports

How many Egyptian sports are there?

52 Egyptian sports

How many sports are there in France?

there are 18 sports in France

Why is sports day so important?

Many, many, MANY people in this world love the heck out of sports. Just like Presidents' Day is to honor presidents, sports' day is to honor sports :)

What are spectator sports?

Spectator sports are sports that many people find entertaining to watch.

How many sports are played in china?

Many like around 20 different sports

How many sports are there for the Asian games 2010?

how many sports in Asian games 2010

What sports do afghans play?

Afghans play many sports. Some of sports were soccer (football), baseball, and many more. Girls were not play sports but they could watch.

What does el polideportivo mean?

It's a sports centre. 'Poli' = many, 'deportivo' = sports, i.e. a place to play many sports.

How many sports are Canada playing in the Olympics?

10 Sports

How many sports will be held at the Beijing Olympics?

31 sports

How many calories used in sports?

calories use in sports

How many types of sports at Olympics 2008?

28 sports.

How many sports were played in the first Olympics?

9 sports.

How many sports are there today?

depends on what people call sports

Does Iceland have any sports their in Iceland?

Yes many sports.

How many girls play sports?

9,675,354 Play sports