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Australians lay undress of different sports. If there is a sport that has been invented, there is a high probability that someone, somewhere in Australia plays it.

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Q: How many sports do they play in Australia?
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How many people in Australia play soccer?

There are an estimated ten million people who play soccer in Australia. Soccer is considered one of the most popular sports in Australia.

Sports and Leisure Activities in Australia?

because america came to australia and showed them how to play everthing only america can play the sports

What is the percentage of people who play sport in Australia?

Approx: 50-85% play sports in Australia.

What sports does australia play?

they play football,cricket and rugby

Where can i get a Thin sports Headband in Australia?

Well there are many sports shop in Australia. Sidney have a lot of sports, such like 'National Sports' Have connections in Australia.

How many sports in Australia?

There is more then 25 main sports in Australia.

What sports did Aboriginals in Australia play?


What sports can you play in Australia but not in the US?

Cricket, Australian Rules football and Touch are the most common sports played in Australia but not in the USA.

Similarities between US and Australia?

US trades with Australia. Play sports with Australia. They have treaties with Australia. They provide tourism to Australia.

What sports both china and Australia play?


What sports do the US play that Australia doesn't?

ice hockey

What sports do afghans play?

Afghans play many sports. Some of sports were soccer (football), baseball, and many more. Girls were not play sports but they could watch.

How many people in Australia that play netball get injuried?

As far as I know that in Australia their are 7% of adult and 4% of child sports related injuries presenting to hospital emergency departments.

How many people play sports in America?

I wish I knew! I do know that 67% of the people in Australia play sports though :DIf you can answer for the U.S please do before 1/7/11...

How many different sports are there in Australia?

Numerous different sports are played in Australia. Any sport that is played overseas is played in Australia, although snow and ice-based sports are to a lesser degree.

How many girls play sports?

9,675,354 Play sports

How many sports does Australia have?


How many Hispanics play professional sports?

MANY Hispanics play sports, esp. soccer

How many sports did Greeks play a year?

Greeks did not play sports.

What are the top sports in Australia?

Some of the top sports in Australia are Australian Rules Football, Cricket, baseball, basketball. cycling, golf, horse racing, Motorsport, netball, rugby league, rugby union, soccer, softball, swimming, Tennis, Touch football and many more. If you want to know all the sports they play in Australia go to this website:

How many people play sports?

Many people play sports. But the United States has the most athletic people.

What girls play world wide sports?

many girls from many countries play different kinds of sports

What is the estimate of how many people play sports?

89% out of 100% people play sports.

How many Americans play outdoor sports?

Millions of people play outdoor sports.

What kind of sports do they play Miami?

They play cricket,soccer,football,basketball,and many others sports.