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there are 237 sports in the world. the best being the AFL which is played in Australia

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Q: How many sports are there worldwide?
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What is the motto of Sports Management Worldwide?

The motto of Sports Management Worldwide is 'Sports Jobs Start Here'.

When was Sports Management Worldwide created?

Sports Management Worldwide was created in 2002.

How many total people care about sports worldwide?

almost all

Does anybody like sports?

Yes, many people like sports. It doesn't matter if you're an athlete or just a fan of a certain team, sports are very popular worldwide.

How many Arsenal fans are there worldwide?

Grenada Sports announced that Arsenal have 27million fans worldwide, making them, unofficially, the third most supported team in the world.

How many people watch pro wrestling vs other sports?

98% of all people worldwide watch wrestling instead of other sports.

How many different sports are there?

there are 442 different recognized sportsThere are a lot and nobody will ever know the exact number but it is estimated that there are about 1500 sports worldwide.There are approximately 56 sports played around the world.

How many fans do fc porto have?

The Portuguese sports club, F.C. Porto, has a total of 200 million fans worldwide.

Where is tennis ranked in sports popularity?

Tennis hold a second rank in worldwide sports

How many deaths are caused by extrmem sports per year?

Worldwide, there are several hundred deaths due to participation in what are regarded in extreme sports.. (There are tens of thousands more injuries, as well.)

Is Sports Authority worldwide?

No, it isn't as wide as the world.

How many times per day are ESPN news on air?

ESPN is a worldwide sports channel. In 1996 it launched it's own sports news channel- ESPN News. The channel is transmitting sports news 24 hours a day.

Where can you find worldwide participation numbers for the following sports - motor sports baseball fishing tennis and skiing?

ESPN SPORTS Channel or their website . . .

What sports team has sold the most merchandise worldwide?


What percentage of kids play sports?

65% worldwide D:

Most popular sports franchises worldwide?

The Greeen Bay Packers.

Who invented sports glasses?

Ryan Ashwell, he was born in 1997 and created the sports glasses. His sports glasses are now worldwide and he has sold over a billion, he's a great guy ;)

Which sports have the most fans?

Soccer by far, about 3.7 billion fans worldwide

TV how it's changed professional sports?

It has made sports more open and available to the world and without that they would not be as big as they are today worldwide.

Where does Judo rank in worldwide sports participation?

According to the National Sports Study II, conducted in 1992, Judo ranks as 69th in the United States.

Which company bought ISP Sports?

In July 2010, IMG Worldwide bought ISP Sports. ISP Sports is a marketing and media communications firm that deals nearly exclusively in college matters.

What sports team has the most fans?

Manchester united - 330 million fans worldwide

Where does sport come from?

Sports came from Greece and it is now played by people worldwide everyday.

Number of kids under 18 participating on team sports worldwide?

100 million

Most popular spectator sports?

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport worldwide.