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Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Rugby, Volleyball, Water Polo, Croquet, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, and there probably is many more.

okay first of all that's not that many second of all your gay and wrong bitch. yeah that's right but whateverrr.

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Q: How many sports are there with balls?
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How many types of sports balls are there?


How many balls are there in all sports?

there is about mabye 20

Where can one purchase squash balls?

Squash balls can be purchased online through a variety of websites such as Amazon and Sports Chalet. Squash balls are also available at many local sports and athletics stores such as Sports Authority or Academy Sports.

How many summer sports are there for the Special Olympics?

2000 billion balls

What was the first sports balls made of?

AnswerThe first sports balls were made with leather or pigskin.

Why do most sports have a ball?

yes they do, most sports have balls like boys do but you dont have balls

How many sports use balls?

Im not sure Probs loads. LMAO

What do you need to be a sports ambassador?


What sports use aerodynamics?

Most sports which include the use of balls. Golf balls are designed to go far, as are footballs etc.

Can I buy Pilates exercise balls at Sports Authority?

The Sports Authority website does sell Pilates exercise balls. They offer both stability and toning balls in a variety of sizes and weights.

Where can one purchase balls for cricket?

Cricket balls can be purchased at many outdoor sports stores. Any place that sells sports equipment would be likely to have them. You can also order them from stores like Wal-Mart as well.

Finding pi in hobby or sports?

the balls in sports (soccer ball, basketball, etc.)

What sports use hollow balls?

Racquet ball

What are sport balls made out of?

It depends. What sports ball?

What sports have a net but no balls?

hockey it uses a puck

You need these when playing certain sports?

You need balls.

What sports equipment was left on the moon?

golf balls

Do all sports balls bounce?

depends on the the surface

Where can one purchase a variety of balls for sports?

A variety of balls for sports can in most cases be found in local sport stores. Otherwise Amazon and eBay provide a comfortable way to order balls online.

Why most sports are player with spherical balls?

You asked the question wrong. And spherical balls are cool

What stores will ship rugby balls?

You can get rugby balls online, from stores like Amazon, Sports Direct or specialized rugby stores. You can also get them from a sports store that is local to you.

What are the release dates for Balls - 2010 Sports Psychic 2-64?

Balls - 2010 Sports Psychic 2-64 was released on: USA: 8 March 2012

What are the release dates for Balls - 2010 Theatre of Sports 1-34?

Balls - 2010 Theatre of Sports 1-34 was released on: USA: 25 March 2011

What type of training is needed to become a sports broadcaster?

my balls

Where can you sell golf balls?

From a golf shop, sports shops