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Q: How many sports are competed in at the Olympics?
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Related questions

How many woman competed the first time in the Olympics?

19 women competed in three sports (golf, croquet, tennis) at the 1900 Games in Paris, the first Olympics where women competed.

How many Olympians does Jamaica have in the London 2012 Olympics?

Jamaica competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics with 50 athletes in 4 sports

How many swedish athletes are in the 2012 Olympics?

Sweden competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London with 134 athletes in 20 sports

How many athletes competed for France in the 2008 Olympics?

France sent 323 athletes to the 2008 Olympics to compete in 23 sports.

What were the sports that Germany competed in the Olympics?

they competed in 16 sports.....find out what they are in the medal board 2012 Olympic games... i don't have time..........

How many competed from Madagascar in the olympics?

7 in 5 sports

Sports competed in the 2008 Olympics?

You will find your answer at -

How many women participated in the 1900 Paris Olympics?

19 women competed in three sports (golf, croquet, tennis).

How many athletes competed in the 1932 winter Olympics?

252 athletes competed at the 1932 Winter Olympics.

What did the acient Greeks do in the Olympics?

Competed in sports as part of a festival to the god Zeus.

How many men competed in the 1896 Olympics?

311 men competed in those Olympics in Athens. They were all men.

What sports have Vietnam competed in 2012 Olympics?

The 18 athletes competed in 11 sports Athletics Badminton Fencing Gymnastics Judo Rowing Shooting Swimming Taekwondo Weightlifting & Wrestling

How Many Women Competed in the 1996 Olympics?

3,684 women athletes competed in the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia.

How many swimming strokes were competed in the 2008 Olympics?

There are four strokes competed in the Olympics ... breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and freestyle.

Are the same sports always in the Olympics?

Generally the sports in the Olympics do not change much but have through out history I'm sure. I doubt the Greco-Romans competed in taekwando or the balance beam.

How many athletes represented Egypt at the 2012 Olympics?

A total of 113 athletes, 79 men and 34 women, competed in 19 sports,

How many times has japan competed in the Olympics?

Japan has competed in the Olympics since 1912 so that's 100 years exactly :)

How many countries competed in the 2000 Olympics?

the 2000 olympics or the millenium games as they became known as,the medals were competed for by 199 countries

What sports have been dropped from the Olympics?

Sports that used to be competed in the Olympics include lacrosse, golf, rugby, tug-of-war, and croquet. After the 2008 Games, baseball and softball are being dropped.

What happened in the 2008 Olympics games?

Lots of people competed in sports, some of them won medals

In how many Olympics has China competed?

China has been in 4 Olympics

How many times has tanith belbin competed in the Olympics?

This is her first Olympics

How many athletes from China compete in the 2004 Olympics?

According to, 407 athletes competed in 26 sports for China. Click on the 'China at the 2004 Summer Olympics' link below for more information.

How many nations competed in the Olympics?


What were the first three sports that women could compete in the olympic games?

Women first competed at the 1900 Olympics in Paris. The events they competed in were golf, tennis, and croquet.