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* Alberta Sports Hall of Fame * American Bowling Congress * Americas Cup Hall of Fame * Australian Football (soccer) Hall of Fame * Australian Football Hall of Fame (Australian rules football) * Baseball Hall of Fame * Basketball Hall of Fame * BC Sports Hall of Fame * Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame * Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame * Canadian Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame * Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame * Canadian Curling Hall of Fame * Canadian Football Hall of Fame * Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame * Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame * Canadian Rodeo Hall of Fame * Canadian Sports Hall of Fame * Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame * College Baseball Hall of Fame * College Football Hall of Fame * Colorado Sports Hall of Fame * English Football Hall of Fame * Georgia Sports Hall of Fame * Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame * Hockey Hall of Fame * International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame * International Boxing Hall of Fame * International Game Fishing Hall of Fame * International Gymnastics Hall of Fame * International Motorsports Hall of Fame * International Surfing Hall of Fame * International Swimming Hall of Fame * International Tennis Hall of Fame * International Women's Sports Hall of Fame * Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame * Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame * Motorsports Hall of Fame of America * Mountain Bike Hall of Fame * NASCAR Hall of Fame (to be completed in 2009) * National Distance Running Hall of Fame * National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame * National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame /(Indoor Lacrosse) * National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (USA Thoroughbred Horse Racing) * National Soccer Hall of Fame * National Softball Hall of Fame * National Sprint Car Hall of Fame * National Surfing/Wrestling "Ironman" Hall of Fame * National Track & Field Hall of Fame * National Wrestling Hall of Fame * North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame * Polo Museum and Hall of Fame * Professional Women Bowlers Hall of Fame * Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame * Pro Football Hall of Fame * ProRodeo Hall of Fame * Raymond Sports Hall of Fame * St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum * Scottish Sports Hall of Fame * United States Bicycling Hall of Fame * United States Hockey Hall of Fame * United States National Ski Hall of Fame and Museum * U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame * US Lacrosse Hall of Fame * U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame * Virginia Sports Hall of Fame * Volleyball Hall of Fame * WCW Hall of Fame * WWE Hall of Fame * World Figure Skating Hall of Fame * World Golf Hall of Fame * Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

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Q: How many sports Hall of Fames are there?
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What were althea gibson's awards?

International Tennis Hall of Fame National Lawn Tennis Hall of Fame International Women's Sports Hall of Fame New Jersey Sports Hall of Fame Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame International Scholar-Athletes Hall of Fame Black Athletes Hall of Fame South Carolina Hall of Fame Florida Sports Hall of Fame Associated Press Woman Athlete of the Year (1957-1958) First Ladies Salute First Women Award Who's Who in American Women Babe Zaharias Outstanding Women Athlete of the Year NCAA Theodore Roosevelt Award Sports Illustrated Top 100 Greatest Female Athletes Florida A&M Athlete of the Century Florida Women's Hall of Fame

How many hall of famers do the browns have?

16 Hall of Famers

What NFL quarterback has the most fames in which he passed for 400 or more yards in a career?

joe Montana

How much is admission to the Football Hall of Fame?

If you are referring to Fantasy Football Hall of Fame, the best value in sports for sure. Same with Pro Football Hall of Fame. I believe they both are about $ 25 bucks and all the bells & whistles that you could imagine.

Who helped invent basketball?

James Naismith started basketball(November 6, 1861 - November 28, 1939) was a Canadian and naturalized American sports coach and innovator. Naismith invented the sport of basketball in 1891 and is often credited with introducing the first football helmet. Naismith wrote the original basketball rulebook, founded the University of Kansas basketball program, and lived to see basketball adopted as an Olympic demonstration sport in 1904 and as an official event in 1936. Naismith's contributions to basketball have earned him several posthumous honors, such as in the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame, the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, the Ontario Sports Legends Hall of Fame, the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame, the McGill University Sports Hall of Fame, the Kansas State Sports Hall of Fame and the FIBA Hall of Fame. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame carries his name.James Naismith

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How many people are in all hall of fames?

There are 1,248 people in hall of fame, 1065 are players, 183 are managers.

What state has the most hall of fames?

for football Texas does

Where is the National NBA Hall of Fame?

The National NBA Hall of Fame is in Las Angles were Most of the Hall Of Fames Have Their Awards!

Are the Everly Brothers in any Hall of Fames?

Yes, they are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

What are the 2 hall of fames and museums in Ohio?

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Did James Naismith get any awards?

yes he did get an award, he got 9 titles in the different hall of fames and here are three of them McGill University hall of fame,FIBA hall of fame and finally kansas state hall of fame

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Get someone who is fames to discover you and ask them to tell another fames person.

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i thought he was in 5 music halls of fame n johnny cash was in 4,,

When was Haldun Alagaş Sports Hall created?

Haldun Alagaş Sports Hall was created in 2000.

When was Georgia Sports Hall of Fame created?

Georgia Sports Hall of Fame was created in 1999.