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If my information is correct, there have been 11 split national championships as awarded by the AP and UPI (now BCS) since 1954, although most probably only remember back to 1978. Starting that year, it was (AP Champ/UPI-BCS Champ):

1978 Alabama/USC 1990 Colorado/Georgia Tech 1991 Miami/Washington 1997 Michigan/Nebraska 2003 USC/LSU

The Washington Huskies and Miami Hurricans split a title in the 1991 season.

I have a sweatshirt that claims 10 National Championships. 2004 marks the 11th.

Nebraska and Michigan split a title in 1997 also.

Here is a list of all of the split national championships: 2003 LSU and USC 1997 Michigan and Nebraska 1991 Miami and Washington 1990 Colorado and Georgia Tech 1978 Alabama and USC 1974 Okalahoma and USC 1973 Alabama and Notre Dame 1970 Nebraska and Texas 1966 Notre Dame and Michigan State 1965 Alabama and Michigan State 1964 Arkansas and Alabama 1960 Mississippi and Minnesota 1957 Auburn and Ohio St. 1954 Ohio St. and UCLA 1953 Maryland and Notre Dame 1952 Georgia Tech and Michigan State 1951 Tennessee and Maryland 1950 Okahaloma and Tennessee 1947 Michigan and Notre Dame 1946 Army and Notre Dame 1942 Georgia and Ohio St. 1938 Texas Christian and Tennessee 1936 Pittsburgh and Minnesota 1935 Princeton, Southern Methodist, and Minnesota 1934 Alabama and Minnesota 1933 Princeton and Michigan 1930 Alabama and Notre Dame 1928 Georgia Tech and USC 1926 Alabama and Stanford 1925 Alabama and Dartmouth 1923 Michigan and Illinois 1922 California and Princeton 1921 Cornell and California 1920 Princeton and California 1919 Texas A&M, Harvard, and Illinois 1914 Illinois and Army 1910 Harvard and Pittsburgh 1908 Harvard and Pennsylvania 1906 Yale and Princeton 1905 Yale and Chicago 1901 Harvard and Michigan 1899 Princeton and Harvard 1896 Lafayette and Princeton 1886 Princeton and Yale 1884 Princeton and Yale 1881 Princeton and Yale 1880 Princeton and Yale 1877 Princeton and Yale 1875 Harvard and Princeton

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Q: How many split national championships have there been and how many for USC?
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