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Q: How many spare sticks does an NHL player have in a game?
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How do you play Odenwalder Lustiges Wurfelspiel - German peg game?

If there is 6 people playing devide the small wooden sticks by the 6, than in turns every one trows the dice if the 4 came up who threw the dice have to put 4 sticks in the box than he can play again if he thinks he can put more sticks in or he can pass, the next player have to do the same throw the dice and what number comes up he has to put that amount of sticks in the box he can have an other turn the game is to get rid of sticks as many as you can, but if the next player throws the dice and there is no empty holes he has to take all the sticks and he has to pass on the dice to the next player, who put all the sticks in the box is the winner.I played this game with my family in Malta when i was there on holidays,i'm trying to get one for myself if you know were i can get one email me on

What game has a clear plastic tower and has plastic sticks with marbles on them and you either try to get or prevent the marbles to fall I forget which?

Kerplunk ! I love that game. and you try to get as many sticks out without getting marbles and if you do try not to get to much because if you have the most at the end of the game you lose.

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A Disney digital music player that comes in many different Disney music stars design.

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