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The top two teams in the Spanish La liga qualify for the Champions League.

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Q: How many spanish teams have played in the champions league?
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How many teams in the champions league?

There are 32 teams in the Champions League. They are divided into 8 groups.

How many teams have played champions league final at home?


What champions league teams has Chris Sutton played for?

Chelsea fc

How many british football teams have played in the champions league?

9 English teams have played in the Champions league. These are Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle United, Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers,Tottenham and Nottingham Forest.

What players have played for 3 British teams in the Champions League?

Adebayor is one

Which player has played for 5 teams that have won the champions league but has never won it himself and what teams did he play for?


How many teams from England can qualify to the champions league Is it 4 or 5?

in england, 4 teams can qualify to the champions league.

Which played scored goals for 5 different teams in champions league?

Hernan Crespo

What teams played the EVEFA Champions League Final?

In 2011, Barcelona and Manchester United

Where was the 2008 UEFA Champions League final played?

The 2008 UEFA Champions League Final was played in Moscow at the Luzhniki Stadium. The final match was between the English teams Manchester United and Chelsea.

What two teams played in champions league final 2010?

Inter Milan and Bayern Munich played the Champions League final in 2010. Inter Milan defeated Bayern 2-0 in the final.

What sport is the champions league for?

The Champions league is for men and women's football, it is also known as the UEFA Champions League. They were founded in 1955 in Europe they have 32 groups stage teams and 77 total teams.

Which Italian teams have won the eufa champions league?

Three italian teams have won the Champions League. These are AC Milan , Inter Milan and Juventus.

What Player that has played for 3 champions league teams?

the player the has play 3 champion league teams is david beckham 2 with Manchester united and 1 with real Madrid

How many matches are scheduled to be played in the Champions League?

As there are 24 teams and they play twice it is 48 matches.

How many teams from English premier league qualify for champions league?

The top four teams qualify for the Champions League. They will play in different rounds depending on their EPL final standings.

What two teams played the EVEFA champions league final?

I think you mean UEFA*. And since you haven't specified the year, I'll give you this year's. The 2014 Champions League final was played by Real MAdrid and Atletico Madrid.

Which English teams have the champions league?

5 english teams have won the Champions league. These are Manchester United,Liverpool,Chelsea,Aston Villa and Nottingham Forrest.

What is champions league?

champions leaguethe champions league is the most prestigious cup in Europe Only the best teams in Europe can participate in the champions leagueIt consists of 8 groups with 4 teams in eachThe club which has won the champions league more times that is 9 is Real MadridIt's the most intriguing tournament there is, Real Madrid have been the best throughout its history, coz they r Spanish

How many teams participated in the champions league in 1990?

It was 20 teams.

Do automatic promoted teams in football league receive a trophy?

Yes. The Champions of the league will receive a champions trophy, and the automatically promoted teams will also receive a trophy.

How many teams participated in airtel champions league 2010?

There are 32 teams in the 2010 champion league.

What teams that are left in the champions league?

The teams remaining in the champion league are Inter Milan,Barcelona, Lyon

What are the teams in the champions league?

real madrid

Which English football teams have played in the European Cup or Champions League?

alot but mostly LIVERPOOL and Manchester UNTD