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Pepe Reina, Xavi Alonso, Reira, Fernando Torres , Luis garcia, are the Spanish players to play for Liverpool.

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Q: How many spanish players have played for Liverpool through Liverpool's history?
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How do you say I am from Liverpool in Spanish?

Soy de Liverpool.

Name 7 players who have played for 2 of the big 4 and a spanish team?

Owen man utd Liverpool - r Madrid

How do you say what city are you from in Spanish?

i am from (liverpool) - soy de (liverpool)

How were the players on the Spanish football team chosen?

Footballers from top teams around the world were watched and the cream were chosen, mostly they are from Barcelona, Real Madrid , Liverpool and Villarreal.

When did Liverpool get their spanish manager Rafael Benitez?

Rafael Benitz joined Liverpool from Valencia in 2004.

Which footballers have played for both english and Spanish teams?

There are many players who have gone from english leagues to spanish leagues or spanish leagues to english leagues but the most popular wouldhave to be players such as Cristiano Ronaldo Manhester United>Real Madrid Xabi Alonso Liverpool FC > Real Madrid Fernando Torres Atletico Madrid > Liverpool FC Emanuel Adebayor Manchester City > Real Madrid there are plenty more but they are some popular examples

Who is el nino in Liverpool fc?

el nino means the kid in spanish Fernando Torres Liverpool's spanish striker is known as el nino

Who is a famous spanish athelete?

Fernando Torres (Liverpool)

What are some Spanish-American baseball players?

Currently there are no Spanish/American players in MLB.

Who is the newest Spanish international to join Liverpool?

Albert Riera

Name 7 players who have played any 2 of man united Liverpool Chelsea arsenal and the spanish team?

Michael Owen Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid Lassana Diarra Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madridjamaine pennant Arsenal, Liverpool, Real ZaragozaNicholas Anelka Real Madrid, Arsenal, Liverpool, ChelseaBolo Zenden Liverpool, Chelsea, BarcalonaMark hughes Manchester United, Chelsea Barcalona emmanuel petit Chelsea, Arsenal Barcelona

How many British players play in the Spanish football league?

About 1993 players play in the spanish leagues.

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