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He moves two spaces if castling on his own side, and three if castling on the queen's side.

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Q: How many spaces can the king move when castling in chess?
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How many moves do you have with the king when the king is by its self?

In chess, the King can move in any direction, but only one square at a time. The king can't move in to check, and can move two square only when castling.

How many spaces can a king move in chess?

One in any direction per turn

How many spaces on a chess board?

There are 64 spaces on a standard chess board.

How the game of chess is different from feudalism?

Kings in chess are different than kings in feudalism because in feudalism, the king has ultimate power, even though he may sometimes be poor because he gave out too many fiefs to the knights in exchange for protection. However, in chess, the king has almost no power at all; he can only move one space at a time unless the rook is Castling it. (Castling is when one rook has not moved any spaces at all yet, so the king is allowed one extra square to move.) It's also different because the Rook (or Castle) did not really 'attack' people, it just helped defend the king and serfs. (serfs are people almost like slaves, but they own a house and work on a fief for a knight. Their land can never be taken away from them.)

How many spaces can the king move in chess?

He can move any number of times, but only two square per turn, and in any direction.

How many moves can a king make in chess?

In chess a king can move one space in any direction (as long as the spaces are unimpeded and won't place the king in check or checkmate), so the king can potentially make 8 moves (once in any direction) during any turn.

How many advanced tactics are there in chess?

There are 6 types of special moves in chess. This includes: 1. En Passant 2. Castling 3. Fork 4. Pin 5. Skewer 6. Discovery

How many times can you do castling method in chess?

once(1) don't even know that! i am learning from a national chess player who has won in indonesia.belive me and trust me one and all -dhinesh murugan (

How many times can a queen move in chess each turn?

Once! Every piece gets to move only once per turn, and only one piece can move every turn, except in castling where the king and the rook move.

How many squares and spaces on a chess board?

well, the average chess board is a 8X8 grid, which equals 64 tiles

How many spaces are there on a chess board?

There are 64 spaces on a standard 8 square space by 8 square space board.

How many moves can a king make in the game of chess?

There is no limit to the number of moves a King can make in chess; however the King can move only one square at a time.

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