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He can move any number of times, but only two

square per turn, and in any direction.

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This only applies to castling
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Q: How many spaces can the king move in chess?
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How many spaces can a king move in chess?

One in any direction per turn

How many spaces can the king move when castling in chess?

He moves two spaces if castling on his own side, and three if castling on the queen's side.

How do you switch your king with your rook on your game chess on your iPod touch?

Move your King 2 spaces first.

How many moves can you make in your first move in chess?

Your pawn can move 1 space or 2 spaces for your first move in chess or your knight can make its accustomed move.

Can the knight in chess move one space?

No , the Knight must move the spaces required by the rules of chess .

How many moves can a king make in chess?

In chess a king can move one space in any direction (as long as the spaces are unimpeded and won't place the king in check or checkmate), so the king can potentially make 8 moves (once in any direction) during any turn.

Can the king in chess steal sideways?

Yes, if he will not be in check when he takes the sideways square. The king can move into all the spaces 1 square from it taking a piece or not.

In chess can a bishop move two spaces and get the queen out?

Yes, if it is an available move to you, you can move your bishop two spaces and take your opponent's queen.

How can you move the queen in chess?

The queen can move as many spaces she wants in any direction. Forwards, backwards, and diagonal

How many moves can a king make in the game of chess?

There is no limit to the number of moves a King can make in chess; however the King can move only one square at a time.

How do you castle on vista chess?

In all computer chess, castling is performed by moving the king two spaces to the side you want to castle on. Note that all squares between the rook and king must be empty. Also the rook and king must not have moved yet. This is also the rule for castling in official chess tournaments - a player is required to castle by moving the king first. Castling is seen as a move that the king does, not a move that the rook does.

What can a queen do in chess?

It can move any number of spaces horizontally, vertically, and diagonally

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