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If you mean "International teams", you've got as much teams as officially recognized by FIFA (Football International Federation Association) : 207 teams (in august 2008)

If you mean "professional teams", it's like between 20 and 100 by country which have professionnal league (like 50)

But if you mean "teams, local like huge", nothing like France has nearly 10 000 teams (or maybe more)

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A normal professional player usually can play for many different teams. But, International players usually play for 2 teams - Their national team and Their Pro Football club.

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Q: How many soccer teams can you go for?
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How many teams are they in soccer?

about 200 soccer teams

How many teams in Mexican soccer league?

32 soccer teams

How many professional soccer teams are there?

there are 20 soccer teams in Canada

If you have two soccer teams in front of two soccer teams and two soccer teams behind two soccer teams and two soccer teams beside two soccer teams How many players do you have?

110 Players = 10 teams but there is 12 teams so it would actually be 132 Players

How many professional Canadian soccer teams are there?

As of the 2011 season, there are currently 2 MLS teams that have Canadian home fields. Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

How many soccer teams in Utah?

There are many soccer teams that are local leagues, but there is one professional soccer team, Real Salt Lake.

How many soccer teams are in Argentina?

Argentina is a very big country. It has many different sports team. But in soccer team, there are hundreds of soccer teams.

How many teams are there in soccer?