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EVERY soccer player because we are all the same from the inside #ILOVESOCCER

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Q: How many soccer players have a leg injury?
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What is a sentence using the word injury?

The soccer goalie incurred a leg injury after colliding with an opponent during the game.

What are the top soccer injuries?

an leg injury cause people tend to swing at the soccer ball and miss. so they would get the player in the leg or ankle. a arm injury is also going to happen because of people playing a little to hard.

How dehydration affect performance in soccer player?

dehydration affects a soccer players performance because it can cause leg cramps, stitches.

Why can't professional soccer players have flat feet?

They can have flat feet. There are soccer players who have one leg shorter than the other so if youre flat footed and what to be a pro soccer player keep dreaming dude its possible.

How often do professional soccer players get hurt?

Soccer players get leg injuries, and occasionaly they get a head cut, but most of the time their "injuries" are faked, trying to get the ref to give the other team a penalty.

How do you cure a leg if it has an injury?

depends on the injury, there are many ways to injure your legs. Is there a certain place on your leg it hurts? Is it a muscle or bone? The cure depends on the injury

How do you improve a soccer players technical speed?

Leg muscle training, by holding dumbells and squatting, or by using a weight machine.

Is An injury to the lower leg proximal or distal to the knee?

An injury to the lower leg is distal to the knee.

What is the most severe leg injury?

The most severe leg injury is a broken bone. This is a situation whereby the bone is split into two parts, exposing the tibia. There is no remedy for this kind of leg injury, except amputation.

What are the hazards of being a soccer player?

There are many potential hazards of being a soccer player. You run the risk of breaking a leg for example.

What are some intresting facts about soccer?

unlike other sports, soccer has to do with the manipulations of the legs and the ball on a well measured pitch with a standard number of players. All this facts are based on the fact that the leg needs more concentration and balance in operation. Joshodey

What leg muscle does soccer work?

mainly your right leg

What are the causes of leg injuries?

There is any number of reasons that you could get a leg injury. Yes there are many sites that offer information about the different types of leg injuries that you could find by searching online.

What leg did Kobe Bryant have his injury on?

His Left leg i believe so

Why would an injury be a dysfunction?

An injury would be a dysfunction because for example, your leg hurts a lot and it hard to move it that is considered an injury and a dysfunction since your being disrupted in the function of your leg that's it hard to move it

What battle did Franklin Pierce suffer a leg injury?

It was in the Battle of Contreras that his leg injury caused him to pass out. I think he hurt it the day before the battle. he re-injured the leg at Chorobusco during a pursuit operation

How many type of kicks are threre in soccer?

There are infinate types of kicks or stunts, as long you hit it with the leg

What is something that would help pervent injury on a horse when riding?

It depends on what kind of injury. Bell Boots would prevent injury to the hooves. So would shoes. And leg wraps would prevent injury to the tendons in the lower leg. But like I said, it depends on what kind of injury you are triyng to prevent.

Football basketball and soccer are sports?

Basketball are sport because it encourage people that love basketball, to be tall, and soccer is a sport because it make your leg stronger. like me I play soccer now my leg is incredible.

What treatments are best for a mild calf strain injury?

There are many treatments for a mild calf strain injury. One of the best things to do is rest the leg and ice the injury. Light stretching and anti-inflammatory medications can also help.

What is a groin injury?

a groin injury is when you stretch too far or when you hurt the inside part of your thighs or the upper part of your leg. there are many ways that this can happen and how bad it can get, but the basic meaning of a groin injury is when you have pain in the inside part of your thigh.

Is soccer a good sport for your health?

Yes Soccer is great for your lungs and leg muscles

Measles is to disease as broken leg is to?


What was the injury of john Wilkes booth?


What is the risk of breaking a leg in playing football?

Breaking bones is the major serious injury in football. Although it happens often depending on the players and teams. Teams have different strategies and if you are unlucky, you happen to be up against a offensive team that often tackles. Getting tackled and breaking a leg is not unusual.