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It depends on which league. Usually 6 games.

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Q: How many soccer games are played every Saturday?
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What games were played in Italy?


Games played in Switzerland?


Is soccer played in the Youth Olympic Games?

Yes, Soccer is a youth Olympic discipline.

What games are played in mexico?

All games you can think of. From basketball, to soccer, to American football, many of these games are played in Mexico. Also board games and video games are played there.

What does gp-gs stand for in soccer stats?

gp:Games played gs:Goals scored Many times GS statnds for Games Started. The U.S. Soccer Development Academy uses it this way.

What came first baseball or soccer?

Soccer or games like it came first. In the Middle Ages they played games like soccer. Baseball was invented in the United States by Abner Doubleday in 1860.

What games are played in Madagascar?

football, soccer, tennis, and basketball

What sports and games are played in camaroon?

soccer they are in the world cup

What games are played in central Africa?

soccer ( football in Africa ) and any feet games

Are soccer games suspended for weather?

Soccer is played in all weather conditions except for lightning and hurricanes.

Do they have soccer in the Winter Olympics?

Yes. Football (soccer) has been played in every Summer Olympic games except from the years 1896 and 1932. Football at the Olympics was a sport for men until 1996 when women's football was added to the games.

Where was the last soccer ball game held?

There are many games every day.