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Do you mean how many stadiums do they need for the FIFA World Cup.

If this the question then it is 10.

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Q: How many soccer firlds do they need for the FIFA?
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No you need to use the PS3 game FIFA Soccer 10

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you need to learn hockey not soccer

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What country is currently not a member nation of FIFA and a relevant confederation And what steps would need to be made in order to develop the game in that country?

Many poor African countries are not currently in Fifa. To become in fifa they need a soccer team, and improve security in their country. other countries need to believe thatg they're players will not be in harms way!

Why Indian football team is not selected for FIFA world cup?

Because India did not qualify. In order to qualify they need to win certain games with other soccer teams from Asia. FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) manages the qualifications, which are already over now.

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You should get a scholarship if you really want to pursue the life of soccer.

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