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An average football ground is approx 73460 sq feet. 40 hectares is 4.30556e6 sq feet which means 58.6 or about 60 football fields would fit in.

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Q: How many soccer fields is 40 hectares?
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How many acres in 40 hectares?

98.8 acres in 40 hectares

How many hectares is 40 square meters?

40 square metres = 40/10000 = 0.004 hectares

How many meters in 0.004 hectares?

0.004 hectares is 40 square meters.

How many cubic meters are there in 40 hectares 15cm deep?

There are 60,000 m3 in a 15cm deep plot with an area of 40 hectares.

How many acres is 40 hectares?

~98.842 acres

How many sq meters in 100 sq acres?

*404,685 sqm. *40 Hectares.

How many football fields will it take to cover 40 acres?

30.25 fields.

What is the smallest of the cook islands?

Penrhyn is the largest island (984 hectares) and Suwarrow, the smallest (40 hectares).

A Field 800 meters long and 500 meters wide area in hectares?

The field's area is 40 hectares.

How much is forty hectares?

40 hectares are worth 400 acres. i know this because 1 hectare is 10 acres.

How do you measure 40 hectares?

A hectare is equal to 100 m by 100 m or 10000 m². So 40 hectares is 400000 m². This area is approximately equal to 99 acres.

How many football fields can fit in 40 acres?

four football fields

What percentage of India's land areas prone to floods?

40 million Hectares i.e., 90%

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How is land used in India?

There are roughly 304 million hectares of land in India. The breakdown of usage is 40 million hectares urban, 142 million cultivated, 67 million forested, and 55 million wasteland or pastures.

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18 to 20 players per team so roughly 40 boys and 40 girls both if and varsity

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It would be much easier to kick a soccer ball forty yards.

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