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Only 10 since soccer started.

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Q: How many soccer deaths have there been?
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How many deaths have there been playing soccer?

There are not many deaths associated for those playing soccer each year. The average is about one or two each year and it is mostly due to accidents and not actual game play.

How many deaths occurred at soccer deaths in 2011?


How many deaths in soccer have there been in the past five years?

Around 50 deaths. Some deaths had little to do with the sport itself and were the result of weather. The majority, however, were cardiac arrests and heart failures.

Total number of deaths from soccer since 1980?

There have been 16.

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It has been reported that there had been 31 skydive deaths this year.

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there have been 12,000 deaths so far

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There have been 77 recorded deaths. Hope this helps :)

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Too many.

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This is an unanswerable question. There is no way to count "deaths that could have been prevented," let alone deaths that could have been prevented by an indirect correlate.

How many Canadian army men deaths have there been in the Iraq War?

Zero, Canada is not in Iraq it's in Afghanistan. There have been 97 Deaths in Afghanistan.

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My research indicates there have been no deaths from any cause directly attributed to use of marijuana.

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How many times has the world cup soccer been held?

The world cup soccer has been held 21 times.

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Up to this point there have not been any deaths documenting the cause to be steroids.

How many Deaths at haspin acres off road park?

there has been about 4-7 deaths at haspin acres

How many people die from climbing up electic pylons every year?

there are many deaths from pylons but there have been aprox 36,000 deaths from pylons!

How many years has soccer been around?

Well soccer has been around for 151 years

How many soccer games have been played?

it is estimated by "Steltz" that 600,670,992,552,617,005 games of soccer have been played globally.

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Absolutely none.

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