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As of the 2006 Olympics there are six Snowboarding events: men's and women's halfpipe, men's and women's parallel giant slalom, and men's and women's snowboard cross was new in 2006.

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Q: How many snowboard events are in the Olympics?
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Is snowboard in the Olympics?

Yes, it is in the winter Olympics. The events are called snowboard Cross, half pipe, and slalom.

How many snowboarding events in the winter Olympics 2010?

Three for each gender. Snowboard Cross Halfpipe and PGS

What are the three snowboarding events athletes have a chance to medal in at the winter Olympics?

Snowboard in the Olympics has 3 events to compete in which are * Half Pipe * Slope Style * Border Cross

How many events are there at the Olympics?

There are 300 events at the Olympics

How many events are their in the Olympics?

There are 29 different events in the summer Olympics and 15 events in the winter Olympics.

How many sporting events in the 2012 Olympics?

there are 32 events at the olympics.

How many events were at the ancient Olympics?

There were 9 events at the ancient olympics

How many team events are in the Olympics this year?

how many team events are there in te olympics?

How many events in the olympics?

there are 300 events

How many events are in the 2014 winter Olympics?

The 2014 Olympics has 98 events.

How many running events are in the Olympics?

21 running events at the morden Olympics

When was snowboard cross introduced into the winter Olympics?

2006 Winter Olympics.

What events are in the current Olympics?

Some Olympic events include archery, hockey, diving, golf, and volleyball. Other events include wrestling, ice hockey, snowboard, speed skating, and curling.

What is the minimum age to snowboard in the Olympics?


How many sports are at the Olympics?

there are 32 events in the olympics.

How many sports and events are in the Olympics?

There will be 300 events in 26 sports at the 2012 Olympics.

What is a type of snowboard event at the Olympics?

There are 2 snowboard events, one is called the half pike and the other is the snowboard cross which is a race cut into 2 knock out rounds which then 4 snowboarders meet in the final to see which one gets bronze, silver and gold,

How many events are in olympics 2012?

302 events

How many events in the Olympics 2012?

There are 302 events

Did they have the same events in ancient Olympics?

Most of the events from the Modern Olympics originally came from the Ancient Olympics but many more events have been added to the Modern Olympics...

How many events taking place in London Olympics 2012?

there are 32 events at the 2012 olympics.

How many different events in the 2012 London Olympics?

There are 302 events in the 2012 summer Olympics

How many events will there be in Sochi winter Olympics?

There will by 98 events in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

How many events Olympics have?


How many events they there in the Olympics?