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If a person practiced several disciplines of skiing he might have several pairs of skis - maybe all-mountain, powder and telemark skis - but when you are on the mountain you'll take one pair of skis with you.

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Q: How many skis does the average person use when skiing?
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What are skis for?

Skis are for Skiing. It's fun

What goes faster skis with no poles or a snow board?

It is not the type of Skis or is the person skiing or boarding. The skill level of the person also plays a factor in that. But there is different types of skis or boards you can chose from.

What has the author Otto Schniebs written?

Otto Schniebs has written: 'American skiing' -- subject(s): Skis and skiing 'Modern ski technique' -- subject(s): Skis and skiing 'Modern ski technique' -- subject(s): Skis and skiing

What has the author John Shedden written?

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What is a barefooter?

A barefooter is a person who takes part in water skiing without wearing water skis.

What has the author Jean Claude Killy written?

Jean Claude Killy has written: 'Skiing ... the Killy way' -- subject(s): Skis and skiing, Ski 'Situation skiing' -- subject(s): Skis and skiing

A sport that you use short skis?


How do you know when to wax your skis?

Are you going skiing today? Then it's time to wax your skis.

When might one need telemark skis?

One would need telemark skis if they are skiing a course that has many turns or if they are interested in performing a lot of carving while skiing. Slalom skiing is another reason one would prefer telemark skis as they allow the user to make more precise turns.

What type of skiing uses the longest and widest skis?

In ski racing, downhill skis are the longest, but slalom skis are the widest.

A Olympic skiing event where athles go several kilometers on skis?

Nordic skiing

What is the difference between twin tip skis and regular skis?

The twin tip ski is used in trick skiing, where upon the user can take a jump and land backwards, skiing for long periods of time backwards. The single tip skis do not facilitate backwards skiing.

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