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i think 2013 sixes & 4026 fours.

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Q: How many sixes yuvraj singh in one day international?
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How many one day international matches Yuvraj singh played?

Yuvraj Singh played 255 One Day International matches (as of October 21, 2010).

How many sixes was hit by Yuvraj till now?

till 2007 , he hit 70 sixes

How many sixes by mahendra singh dhoni in odis?

175 Sixes.

How many times yuvraj hits six sixes in a over?

two times

How many Man of the Match awards has yuvraj singh got in ODI cricket?

Yuvraj Singh has received 25 Man of the Match awards.

How many runs made by yuvraj in odis?

yuvraj singh made 5593 runs in his 195 matches

How many test matches has yuvraj played?

Yuvraj Singh played 33 test matches (as on August 22, 2010).

How many times yuvraj singh got man of the match in odi cricket?

Yuvraj has won 20 Man of the match awards.

How many runs yuvraj singh scored in his 1st odi?

84 run

How many times India win when Yuvraj singh score half century?


How many test matches has yuvraaj singh played?

Yuvraj Singh played 33 test matches (as of August 22, 2010)

How many sixes jaysurya hit in oneday international?