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He Has Hit The Most Number Of Sixes Which Is : 297

& Just 3 Sixes Away To Get 300 Sixes

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Q: How many sixes hits by afridi in one day cricket?
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How much sixes Afridi hits in his ODI career?

How many sixes hitted by sahid afridi in his odi career

How many sixes of shahid afridi in odi?

293 sixes in odi

How many six hits in cricket history by shahid afridi?


How many sixes has shahid afridi scored?


How many sixes have shahid afridi hit?

i think 250

How many sixes has Dravid hit in test cricket?

21 sixes.

How many sixes sehwag scored in odi cricket?

128 Sixes

How many sixes were scored at the 2011 cricket world cup?

174 sixes were hit at the 2011 Cricket World Cup and Ross Taylor of New Zealand hit the most sixes (14 sixes) at 2011 Cricket World Cup.

How many sixes has rahul dravid hit in test cricket?

Twenty One sixes

Excitement in an T20 cricket match?

many sixes

How many sixes sachin hits in odi?

286 sixes hits sachin in ODI .

How many have hit 6 sixes in a over in cricket?


How many cricket centuries in t2 cricket?

none, as you can only score 66, (6 sixes in the first over, a single to get you back on strike, and 5 sixes)

How many sixes did Geoff boycott score in test cricket?


How many sixes has VVS Laxman hit in test cricket?


How many sixes hit by sachin tendulkar in international cricket?


How many six hit by sehwag in test cricket?

91 sixes.

How many sixes hit rahul dravid?

21 in Test Cricket

How many times shahid afridi won the man of the match award in odi cricket?


How many sixes were hit by Adam Gilchrist in 2009 IPL cricket league?


How many Bangladesh cricketers hit 4 sixes in the ICC Cricket World Cup?


How many wickets has Shahid Afridi taken in Test cricket?

As of his most recent Test, in July 2010, Shahid Afridi has taken 48 wickets in 27 Test matches.

How many children have shahid afridi?

4 daughters: aqsa afridi, ansha afridi, ajwa afridi, asmara afridi.

How many times yuvraj hits six sixes in a over?

two times

How many sixes hit by rahul dravid in his tast and odi cricket?

21 in Test matches and 42 in ODI's.