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Venus has 4 sisters. Serena Williams, Yetunde Price, Lyndrea Price, and Isha Price.

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Q: How many sister does Venus Williams have?
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Who is Serena Williams' oldest sister?

Serena Williams oldest sister is venus williams.

Which Williams sister won Wimbledon first?

Venus Williams.

How many siblings does Venus's William have?

Venus Williams has 1 sister and 3 step sisters on her mom's side. Venus Williams has 1 sister and 3 step sisters on her mom's side.

Who is Venus Williams' Sister?

Serena Williams.

Who is Serena Williams's sister?

Venus Williams.

Who is Venus Williams's sister?

Serena Williams.

Did Venus Williams have brothers or sister?

she has a younger sister named Serena Williams

Does Venus Williams have a sister?

Yes, her sister is Serena.

Who is Venus Williams role model?

Venus William has stated that her sister Serena Williams was her role model. She was also Serena's role model.

Who was an important person to Venus Williams?

her sister Serena Williams

What is the name of Venus' sister?

Serena Williams...

What do Serena Williams sisters do?

Serena Williams's sister, Venus Williams, plays tennis.