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(Jennifer Marie Capriati) She has won three Grand Slam singles titles (2001 and 2002 Australian Open, 2001 French Open) and the women's singles gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games. Capriati has won 14 professional singles titles and one doubles title.

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Jennifer Capriati is a successful female tennis player. Her greatest wins included three Grand Slam single titles and an Olympic Gold in 1992. She obtained a further ten titles during her career.

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Q: How many singles tennis championships have been won by Jennifer Capriati?
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Does Jennifer Capriati have any kids?

No tennis player Jennifer Capriati does not have kids. Jennifer retired from playing tennis in 2004 after playing professional tennis for 14 years.

What sport did Jennifer capriati play?

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In what year was Jennifer Capriati born?

"Former womens' professional tennis player Jennifer Capriati is currently 35 years old. She was born March 29, 1976, in New York City, New York, in the United States of America. Jennifer was only fourteen years old when she made her professional tennis career debut."

If you are number one in the state for tennis at 15 can you go pro?

Jennifer Capriati went 'Pro' at only 14 - not so long ago, but I'm not sure of the current 'requirements', even if their be any.

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