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Q: How many singers have performed in Hollywood bowl?
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How many seats at Hollywood bowl?

seating capacity 17376

How is the grand ole opry part of Tennessee history?

Many famous singers-especially country singers have performed there which helped Nashville become the music capital of the world. Hope that helps a little....

What is performed at the El Portal Theatre in Hollywood?

Many musicals are performed at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, California. Some musicals come from Broadway as well. Many different plays and musicals are performed at this theatre depending on when one goes.

How were many African song performed?

A singer calls out a line, then other singers repeat it back.

How many times has Madonna performed at the Super Bowl?


Who sang It Ain't What you do It's the way that you do it?

Many different singers and groups have performed the song. Among others:Ella FitzgeraldJimmie LuncefordBananaramaLittle Richard

How many singers were there in the Swingel Singers?


How many singers are in canda?

There are many singers in Canada, often the number is over in the thousands, especially if you are referring to the more famous singers that come from Canada.

How many groups of singers are in a choir?

there are 4 groups of singers in a choir

How many pages does Singers in the Shadows have?

Singers in the Shadows has 55 pages.

How many pages does The Tears of the Singers have?

The Tears of the Singers has 252 pages.

What song did Ugly Duckling sample for Rio de Janeiro?

"samba de aviao" many Brazilian singers have performed it. search on youtube and you can find Tom Jobim and many other versions.