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Q: How many siblings does ca ripken jr. have?
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How many runs did Cal Ripken Jr score in his career?

Cal Ripken Jr. had 1,647 career runs scored.

Was cal ripken jr adopted?

No, Cal Ripken Jr. was not adopted.

Who was cal Ripken Jr's mother?

Viola Ripken

When was Cal Ripken Jr. born?

Cal Ripken Jr. was born on August 24, 1960.

What is Cal Ripken Jr.'s birthday?

Cal Ripken Jr. was born on August 24, 1960.

What is the birth name of Cal Ripken?

Cal Ripken's birth name is Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr..

What was Cal Ripken Jr's final batting average?

Cal Ripken Jr. finished his career with a .276 batting average.

How many gold gloves does cal ripken jr have?

2. 1991 and 1992

Where did cal ripken jr go to college?

Ripken didn't attend college.

Are Cal Ripken Jr and Billy Ripken related?

brothers brothers

How many home runs did Cal Ripken have?

Cal Ripken Jr. has 431 career home runs in 21 Major League seasons.

How old was cal ripken jr when he retired?

Cal Ripken Jr was Born August 24, 1960 in Havre De Grace, MD Cal will be 48 yaers old