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The averages shots on goal per NHL game is around 15-20. It all depends on the defense and how much the forwards back check. The overall skill on the team also determines how many shots on net. If its a worst team, there is more shots on net, the the team is a really good team, their is less shots on net.

With the 2005 rule changes, the shots on goal have gone up a bit with the new average around 25 to 30 and in some cases over 40 per game.

Average number of shots in an NHL game has changed very little since the late 1960s, when this statistic was first collected during the games. Average number has been, and still is, almost exactly 30.


On, the stats show an Avg. of 30 shots/game during the 2009-2010 season. Highest average was 34.1 by the Chicago Blackhawks and the lowest average was 27.6 by the Minnesota Wild. (Note: Regular season totals only.)

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Q: How many shots on goal for an average NHL game?
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