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he takes at least 300 shots a game and 2 assist all to the same player he is a ball hog. also he worships the devil and has a killer hairline that seems to fade back more than he does .next two seasons he would be bald

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Q: How many shots has lebron James made in his career?
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How many game winning shots does LeBron James has in his career?

Lebron James has made 17 game winners in his career. For those wondering how many Kobe has, he has 14.

How many career three pointers has Lebron James made?

lebron James made 642 3pts shots in his career in an attempt of 1957..

How many three-pointers did LeBron James make in his rookie season?

LeBron James made 63 3 pointers in his rooke season 63

What is the guinnes world record for the most half-court shots made in one minute?

3 by lebron James

Who has made the most game winning shots in NBA history since 2003?

LeBron James. He has made 15-26 shots during the clutch time. That's according to NBA. Its pretty impessive actually for a person known to be a choker. #Clutch

What political factions made up the Legislative Assembly?

LeBron James Hairline

How great is LeBron James?

Lebron James is the greatest not to brag but he has made countless buzzer beaters, MVP of the year in 2009, 40+ ppg a night in the playoffs, has an incredible 44" vertical leap is built, can make miraculous drives and shots. and is the best right now in the NBA. forget about haters of lebron. they are just hating themselves. lebron is and will be the greatest in the NBA.

Is there a song about LeBron James?

yes eminem made it about lebron when he was in highschool

Where are LeBron James shoes made?

there made in china

What professional athletes made it out of poverty?

LeBron James

Where did the pacer come from?

LeBron James and Micheal Jordan made it.

How many free throws has Lebron James taken?

Throughout Shaq's career, he has made 5,935 out of 11,252 free throws. Check the link below for his career stats and totals.