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9 goals as of March 1, 2012

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Q: How many shorthanded goals do the Pittsburgh penguins have this year?
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How many goals and assist does Pascal Dupuis of the Pittsburgh Penguins have in his career?

151 goals and 181 assist

How many goals does tyler Kennedy of the Pittsburgh penguins have?

70 goals in his career. The most goals he scored in a season was 21 in 2010-2011

How many sport teams does Pittsburgh Have?

They have 3. 1. Pittsburgh Pirates 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 3. Pittsburgh Penguins

How many goals did Jordanstaal get when he was playing with the penguins?

120 goals exact

How many playoffs goals did Jagr score with the Penguins?

36 goals

Where can someone purchase Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys?

There are many places where one can find Pittsburgh Penguins' jewelry. The NHL fanshop offers jewelry of all teams, even Amazon has Penguins' items in store.

How many goals did Jordan stall get when he was playing with the penguins?

120 goals exact

How many peewee hockey teams has Sidney Crosby been on?

Sidney Crosby has gotten 223 goals since joining the NHL. He also has 386 assists. Sidney Crosby has scored all the goals in his career with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

How many trophies does Pittsburgh penguins have?

The Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup 3 times and have won over 2,300 regular season games

How many Stanley Cup finals have the Pittsburgh Penguins been to?


How many times have the Pittsburgh penguins been in the playoffs?

27 times

How many times the Pittsburgh penguins made the playoffs?

27 times