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There are about 55,000 (give or take 1-2 thousand) Merchant ships in service around the world as of today 10/10/2008. This figure includes bulk carriers, dry cargo vessels, MPP's, container vessels, tankers, LPG's, LNG's, and most cruise ships. This Figure does NOT include all the small ro/ro's that service islands (short trips/tourism) or river barges, or oil barges, or floating docks, or drill ships, service vessels, tugs, AHTS's, crew boats, restaurant vessels, etc.. Hope this helped!!! (All details given in good faith for consideration but without guarantee!)

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Q: How many ships in the world are in service today?
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Is the titanic the heaviest boat in the world?

It was the largest at the time, but many ships today are much larger.

How many ships are there?

There are about 80,000 ocean-going ships in the world.

How many ships are in the royal navy today?

The British Navy currently have 139 Navy Ships.

How many ships does the panama canal service at a time?


How many ships in world war 1 were torpedoed?

4 ships were torpedoed in World War 1.

How many ships in India running till today?


How many ships are there in the world?


How many container ships are there in the world?

9,535 ships as of 2010, according to Wikipedia.

How many magellan's ships completed the journey?

Only one of his ships made it and he was killed on the journey in what today is the Philippines.

How many ships were sunk in world war 1?

103 merchant ships were sunk in world war one.

How many whaling ships are there in the world?

Only about 20 Whaling vessels are still used today (Not including small fisherman boats which is used like in Faroe Islands. Nearly half is Japanese Whaling ships.

How many merchant ships were sunk in World War 1?

103 merchant ships were sunk in world war one

How many ships did Britain have in World War 1?

by 1914 Britain had 250 ships compared to Germany's 56 ships.

How many ships are in the us navy have?

Currently the US Navy own 1,599 Ships. They have the most Navy Ships in the world.

How many ships participated in World War 2 and how many were sunk?

There were 105,127 ships participated in WW2. 36,387 ships were destroyed at the end of the war.

In World War 2 how many ships did the you-boat sink?

3,000 Allied ships (175 warships; 2,825 merchant ships)

How many merchant ships provide service yo international trade?

20 0000

How many cargo ships in world?

Around 50,000

How many ships did America have before the attack on Japan in world War 2?

Over 250 ships

How many ships did german submarines sink in World War 2?

2,779 ships

How many seals are left in the world today?

There are 35million in the world today.

What is Ares name used for today'?

it is used as a name in many car dealer ships.

How many cruise ships in the world?

About 1,000,000,000 cruise ships but like 1/3 of them are completely unknown and useless.

How many third world countries are in the world today?

There are 47 third world countries today.

What are some names of ghost ships?

There are actually many ghost ships around today. There is the USS Lexington, Queen Mary, Mary Celeste, Baychimo, The MV Joyita, Caleuche, SS Valencia, there are MANY, MANY more ghost ships, but i just listed a few..

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