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That is debatable at best.

Attendance is a tricky thing because there can be counting errors, it can be misreported, or it can be reported in several different ways (Ex. People actually in attendance vs. tickets sold vs. tickets sold + given away).

One thing is positive is that the Leafs have sold out every game since October 2002. The official reported numbers show that the Leafs fell about 10 or 20 tickets short of a sell out, although the team claims that the game was indeed a sell out and it was an error in their software.

According to an interview by Leafs then-president and CEO Richard Peddie in 2006 (on TSN's OTR), the organization believes that the team has the longest sell out streak in the league. He did not give a date but when asked when was the last time the Leafs didn't sell out, he responded with "not in my lifetime." A commonly held believe is that the team has sold out every game since either 1931 or 1946, who knows if it is true though.

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Every game.

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Q: How many sellouts does Toronto maple leafs have?
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