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24 seconds on the shot clock

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Q: How many seconds does the offensive team have to shoot in the NBA?
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What is the time limit an offensive team has to shoot the ball in high school basketball and college basketball?

high school- no limit, college- 35 seconds, nba- 24 seconds

How many seconds can a defender stay in the key when the opposing team is in their offensive half of the court?

you can only stay for 5 seconds but if your on the offensive attack u can only stay in the key for 3 seconds (with or with out the ball)

After gaining possession of the ball how long does a team have to shoot in basketball?

Each league has its own rules. In the United States, in the NBA you must shoot within 24 seconds. In college, the men must shoot within 35 seconds and the ladies must shoot within 30 seconds.

What is offensive in basketball?

Offense is when a team possesses the basketball.

How long does a team have to advanse the ball past halfcourt NBA?

The offensive team has 8 seconds to advance the ball across halfcourt. Otherwise, the offensive team is called for an 8-second violation, resulting in a turnover.

Do you shoot player control fouls in basketrball?

No free throws are taken for offensive fouls. It is not a team foul.

Which team offense or defense cannot be inside the free throw lane for more than 3 seconds in basketball game?

The Offensive Team

How many steps can you take in lacross?

As many as you like, but in box lacrosse you have 30 seconds to score or shoot on the next before the ball possesion is turned to the other team.

How long a player of the NBA can stand in the paint gurading area?

An NBA player on the offensive team can stand in the paint for a maximum of three seconds, otherwise the ball is turned over to the opposing team. An NBA player on the defensive team also cannot stay in the paint for more than three seconds, unless he's guarding his opponent.

What is offensive team in volleyball?

The offensive team is the team with possession of the ball at the beginning of the play- so the offensive team if the serving team.

How long does an offensive team have to take a shot before turning over possession in basketball?

24 for seconds in pro'sin college 35

What is an offensive 3 second violation in basketball?

This call is only made in the NBA == == Defensive 3-Second Rule - Any defensive player, who is positioned in the free throw lane or the area extending 4 feet past the lane's end line must be actively guarding an opponent within three seconds. Actively guarding means being within arms length of an offensive player and in a guarding position. The defensive three-second count is suspended when: (1) a player is in the act of shooting, (2) there is a loss of team control, (3) the defender is actively guarding an opponent, (4) the defender completely clears the 16-foot lane or (5) it is imminent the defender will become legal. Infraction of this rule results in a technical foul.