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Q: How many seconds are in a football game?
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Length of timeouts in pro football game?

60 seconds

What is the length of a high school football game time out?

The length of a high school football time-out is about 60 seconds.

What is the shortest NFL football game?

The shortest football game was played by the Chicago Bears and Kansas City Chiefs. There was too much thunder and lightning. The game lasted 40 minutes and 40 seconds.

How many official are on the field in a football game?

There are seven officials on the field during a football game.

How many seconds can a player be excluded from a water polo game?

15 seconds

How many minutes are there in a international football game?

There are 90 minutes to a football game, plus injury time to be added.

Paul Henderson winning goal how many seconds left in the game?

34 seconds

How many people are in football game?


How many games are in a football game?


How many periods are in a football game?


How many officials are in a football game?


What is the duration of Football Wives?

The duration of Footballers' Wives is 2640.0 seconds.