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Arnold Palmer has had nine second place finishes.

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Q: How many second place finishes in all tournament did Arnold palmer have?
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Who has the second most masters tournament victories?

Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer tied for second with four Masters victories each

Who has the most second place finishes in golf majors?

Jack Nicklaus has 19 runner-up finishes - 10 more than Arnold Palmer Full list here:

What is the largest stroke deficit Tiger Woods has overcome to win a Golf tournament?

5 strokes coming into the last round. He just did it for the second time in his career today (March 29th, 2009) at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Sean O'hair is who he overcame.

How old is Arnold Palmer's wife?

His first wife, Winifred Walzer, died in 1999 at age 65. His second wife, Kathleen Gawthrop was born in March, 1939. She was married to Arnold Palmer from 2005 until his death in 2016.

When did Arnold Palmer die?

Arnold Palmer was a famous American golfer who lived to be 87. He won numerous events in his career, including 7 major championships. He's also the face of the "Arnold Palmer" beverage, which is a combination of lemonade and iced tea—Palmer purportedly invented the drink at home with his wife, and when he began to order it in public in the 1960s, it took on his name.

Who is the richest Golfer in the world?

The wealthiest golfer of all-time is the legendary Arnold Palmer. Tiger Woods, who at one time was first before his divorce scandal, is second. Australian Greg Norman and the great Jack Nicklaus.

Who has most second place finishes to tiger?


How many top ten majors does Tiger Woods have?

At the end of the 2011 season he had 35 top ten finishes: - 14 first place finishes - 6 second place finishes - 3 third place finishes - 5 fourth place finishes - 1 fifth place finish - 2 sixth place finishes - 1 seventh - 1 eighth - 1 ninth - 1 tenth

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