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Q: How many second place finishes does Pete Weber have?
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When was Pete Weber born?

Pete Weber was born on 1962-08-21.

How many times has Pete Weber been married?


Who is the famous person in tenpin bowling?

Earl Anthony or a close second of Dick Weber probably have the most well known and respected names in the sport when the sport was in its heyday. But it's relative to the age of the bowler. Middle age bowlers may say Walter Ray Williams. Youth bowlers may say Dick Weber's son Pete.

Who landed the second spacecraft on the moon?

Pete Conrad

Did pete rose play second base any?

For the first four seasons of his MLB career, Pete was primarily a second baseman. His career stats show 628 games played at second base.

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The tattoo stands for Second Star to the Right, which are the directions to Neverland, the fictional place from Peter Pan.

What are the release dates for Pete and Gladys - 1960 Second Car 2-4?

Pete and Gladys - 1960 Second Car 2-4 was released on: USA: 9 October 1961

What does pete wentz say to Patrick in America's suitehearts?

Pete says "Sorry I just..." Then Patrick continues with "...Let my love loose again." It's in the lyrics. =] _________________________________________________________________ The official lyrics (found on states that Pete says "Sorry, I just..." and then Patrick finishes with "Let my love loose again." Note that the "official lyrics" on that site aren't 100% correct.

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to call pete's pizza place you just call 555 7383 and make the order to room 4B ok? ok.

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Ringo star was the second drummer for the beatels who was the original drummer?

Pete Best.

Is Pete Carroll the oldest NFL coach?

No, second oldest active coach