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USC under Pete Carroll is undefeated against the SEC. The scores of their recent games are listed below. It's also worth noting that their last game (a 50-14 win over Arkansas in Fayetteville) was against the team that went on to win their division in the SEC that year.

2002: #22 Auburn @ USC: USC 24, Auburn 17

2003: USC @ #5 Auburn: USC 23, Auburn 0

2005: Arkansas @ USC: USC 70, Arkansas 17

2006: USC @ Arkansas: USC 50, Arkansas 14

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Q: How many sec teams have usc played?
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What is usc vs sec teams?

USC is 22-11-1 all-time versus the SEC.

What 2 teams played in the 2008 Rose Bowl?

Illinois and usc

What teams played in the Rose Bowl 2009?

USC vs. Penn State

Which two teams played the Rose Bowl in 2009?

USC and Penn State

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OJ Simpson played for USC in college and the Buffalo Bills in the NFL.

What two teams played in the 1979 Rose Bowl?

The 1979 Rose Bowl featured USC vs. Michigan. USC beat Michigan 17-10.

Teams reggie bush played for?

In college he played for the USC Trojans. In the NFL, he currently plays for the New Orleans Saints.

What is the record for USC vs the SEC?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, after the 2007 season USC's all time record against the SEC is 17-10-1.

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Who participated in the 2009 Emerald Bowl?

USC Trojans and Boston College Eagles participated in the 2009 Emerald Bowl. The game was won by USC Trojans. Both of the teams played an amazing game but the winners were USC Trojans.

How many bowl games has USC played?

The USC Trojans have played in 47 bowl games with a record of 31-16.

What is USC's football record against the SEC?


What two teams beat UCLA when alcindor played for them?

University of Houston, 71-69, and USC 46-44.

What teams played in the 2005 orange bowl?

USC beat Oklahoma 55-19 to win the national title

Has North Carolina Tarheel ever played USC Trojans Before?

The North Carolina Tarheels have played the USC Trojans. They have also played many others.

How many times has Arkansas played Southern Cal in football?

5 times with USC leading the series 4-1. The two teams last met in 2006.

Has university of southern california football ever played a division ii team?

No, USC has never played a "Division II" football team. USC has played six games against current Division I-FCS teams, and is 6-0. USC has played 62 games against current Division III teams, and is 45-10-7. It's important to note that most of these games were played prior to the modern divisional format of the NCAA.

What SEC teams has USC played and what were the scores?

I don't have the scores but I have the records against SEC teams through the 2007 season: 1) Alabama: 2-5 2) Arkansas: 4-1 3) Auburn: 2-1 4) Florida: 0-1-1 5) Georgia: 3-0 6) LSU: 1-1 7) South Carolina: 1-1 8) Tennessee: 4-0 Through the 2007 season, USC has a 17-10-1 record against SEC teams that is all that i know.

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For Subject Matter Jurisdiction, which is likely what you mean, then they can hear cases arising under 28 USC sec 1331 and 28 USC sec 1332

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What college pro teams did OJ Simpson play for?

OJ played college ball at USC and professionally for the Buffalo Bills.

What was USC record vs SEC sec during pete Carroll era?

3-0 with 1 game vacated. USC played home-and-home series against Auburn in 2002 and 2003 and against Arkansas in 2005 and 2006. They won all 4 games although the 2005 win against Arkansas was vacated after it was later found out that USC had used an ineligible player in the game.

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What team has played in the most ncaa championship games?

My guess it would have to be one of three teams, Oklahoma, USC or Notre Dame.

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