How many seats in foxboro stadium?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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As of 2011 there are 37,493 seats in Fenway Park; however, during day games only 37,065 seats are used.

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Q: How many seats in foxboro stadium?
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How many seats are there in the stadium?

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Where is the home stadium of new England patriots?

In Foxboro, Massachusetts and it is called Gillette Stadium.

What was Gillette stadium call before?

Foxboro stadium

Where is the Patriots' stadium located?

Gillete Stadium... in Foxborough, Massachussets

In what US city is the football team the New England Patriots?

Foxboro (or Foxborough), Massachusetts (southwest of Boston about halfway between Boston and Providence, Rhode Island).

Where is Gillette stadium located?

Foxboro, MA

Where did the patriots live?

The New England Patriots play at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.

How many seats are in the Bank of America stadium?

There are 73,778 seats in Bank Of America Stadium! :)

Where can one find Gillette Stadium?

The Gillette Stadium is located in Foxboro, MA. The address of the Gillette Stadium is 1 Patriot PI, Foxboro, MA 02035. You can contact them by phone at (508) 543-8200.

How many seats in a row in at?

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How many seats does Alabama's football stadium have?

101,821 seats

How many seats does the saints stadium have?

It has 18000 capacity of seats.