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They say it is a good 500-700 range

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Q: How many seats in fenway park's centerfield are closed off during day games?
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How many positions dis Willie Mays play?

He played centerfield and several games at first base.

How many seats in foxboro stadium?

As of 2011 there are 37,493 seats in Fenway Park; however, during day games only 37,065 seats are used.

When was the last time the Giants won the World Series before 2010?

In 1954, when Willie Mays patrolled centerfield at the Polo Grounds in New York. The underdog Giants swept the Cleveland Indians, who had won 111 games during the regular season, in four games.

Who plays their home games at fenway park?

Red socks

What major league Baseball stadium has the smallest seating capacity?

Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. According to the Red Sox website, Fenway's seating capacity for night games is 36,108 and 35,692 for day games. Click on the 'Fenway Park Trivia' link below to learn some trivia about Fenway Park.

Who played most games as an outfielder at Fenway Park?

Ted williamd

Who played in the most games as an outfielder at Fenway Park?

Ted Williams

What team plays their home games at fenway park?

The Boston Red Sox.

How many rows in grandstand 17 at fenway?

In 1912 there were 35,000 seats, which steadily increased to 39,928 in 2008.

What is the name of the Boston red soxs field?

Boston, MA @ Fenway Park, In the American League East... (Not really sure what you're asking)...

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