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AT&T Stadium is where the Dallas Cowboys play. The stadium seats 80,000 people. It's NFL's fourth largest stadium in terms of seating capacity.

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Q: How many seats does the cowboys stadium have?
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How many rows of seats are in Section 334 of Cowboys Stadium?


How many seats are there in the stadium?

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What stadium is bigger cowboys stadium or olympic stadium in London?

The London Olympic stadium can hold a legal number of 80,000 people. The Cowboys stadium has room for 80,000 seats, but can be converted to hold 31,000 more standing people.

How many seats are in the Bank of America stadium?

There are 73,778 seats in Bank Of America Stadium! :)

What is the biggest stadium ever?

Correct answer is Indianapolis Speedway seats 250,000 but for football it is the dallas cowboys stadium... most of the infromation could be found on google... :)

How many seats in a row in at?

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How many people does the new stadium hold?

The new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas seats 80,000 but is expandable to 111,000. On September 20, 2009, the Cowboys held their first home game and broke a record for the most people in attendance for an NFL game: 105,121

Which stadium has recorded the most fans ever?

i believe it is the new Cowboys stadium because more seats equals more people. nu-nu bear

How many seats does Alabama's football stadium have?

101,821 seats

How many seats does the saints stadium have?

It has 18000 capacity of seats.

How many seats are in the chargers stadium?

111,000 seats to be exact.

How many seats at twickenham stadium?

51,700 seats.