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Goodison Park has been the home to Everton F.C. since it was built in 1892. Over the years it has seen many changes, but currently has an all-seater capacity of 40,157.

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Q: How many seats are there in Goodison park?
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Who is the tenant of Goodison Park?

Goodison Park is the home stadium of the Premier League club Everton

How far away is Anfield from Goodison Park?

Anfield is the football stadium in Anfield, Liverpool, England. It is five minutes away from Goodison Park. Goodison Park is the football stadium located in Walton, Liverpool, England.

What park lies between anfield and goodison park?

Stanly Park :) x

Where does Everton play?

Goodison Park :D

Where do everton play?

Goodison Park Liverpool

Where do everton play football?

Goodison Park.

How many seats are in Fenway Park?

There are 38,257 seats in Fenway Park

What football team plays at goodison park?


Who play their home games at Goodison Park?


Where did Everton play their home games before they played at Goodison Park?

They played their home games at Anfield (now the home of Liverpool) before they started playing at Goodison Park.

Who plays football goodison park?

Everton football club

Which football team plays at goodison park?


What is the name of evertons stadium?

Goodison Park, the best ever

Where do Everton play their home games?

Goodison Park, Liverpool

How many seats are in the Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia PA?

43,647 seats at citizens bank park

What is everton fc football ground?

Goodison park in walton,liverpool

Will goodison park be on fifa 13?

No, Everton will not agree to the licensing deal.

Have everton always played at goodison park?

They also play away

Where does Everton play Arsenal on December 14 2016?

Goodison Park.

How many seats does the Conservative Party hold in Queens Park?

they have 22 seats

How many seats are in each row at Fenway Park?

From my countless hours of walking around fenway park analyzing how many seats there are in each row i have come to the conclusion that there is 192 seats in a row.

How many seats are there in fratton park?

The total capacity of Fratton Park is 20,224

What is the name of Evertons football ground?

The football ground of Everton FC is Goodison Park.

How many seats are there in st james's park?


How many seats will be in the Stanley Park Stadium?