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Q: How many seats are in section 108 row 24 at Jordan hare stadium?
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How many people does jordan-hare stadium hold?

There are approximately 87,451 seats at the Jordan Hare Stadium. There is no information online as to how many of these seats are for students only.

When was Jordan-Hare Stadium opened?

Jordan-Hare Stadium opened on November 9, 1939.

What is the seating capacity of Jordan-Hare Stadium?

Jordan-Hare Stadium has a seating capacity of 87,451 people.

How many seats does university of Tennessee football stadium have?

Jordan-Hare Stadium has a seating capacity of 87,451 people, and every football game sells out.

Jordan-Hare Stadium is home to which university?

The stadium is the home of the Tigers, of Auburn University.

Jordan-Hare Stadium first hosted the Iron Bowl game against Alabama in what year?

The first Iron Bowl played at Jordan-Hare was December 2, 1989. Auburn won 30-20.

Where is the stadium from Auburn Tigers football located?

The University of Auburn Tigers play their home football games at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Located on the campus in the city of Auburn, Alabama, the stadium has a capacity of 87, 451. The Tigers have played in the stadium since 1939.

Is Auburn in Tuscaloosa?

Alabama has defeated Auburn only 3 times at Jordan-Hare Stadium, including 1999, 2001, and most recently in 2009. Auburn has a 7-3 record at Jordan-Hare against Alabama, while the Crimson Tide has a whopping 1-7 record at their home field, Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Who leads Alabama vs auburn series?

Alabama 40-31-1. Auburn is 7-3 in games played in Jordan-Hare Stadium and 7-1 in Bryant-Denny

The last Alabama team to beat Auburn?

The 2009 team (14-0) defeated Auburn (8-5) 26-21, after trailing for nearly the entire game at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

How many golfballs can you fit on a football field?

It takes about 19,884,993,775 golf balls to fill Jordan Hare Stadium

What jordan's did Bugs Bunny wear in space jam?

Air Jordan Hare 7's