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Kevin Durant has played four seasons.

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Q: How many seasons has Kevin how many seasons Kevin Durant played durant played?
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What movies have Kein Durant played in?

it is Kevin Durant and he plays in Thunderstruck

What is the birth name of Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant's birth name is Kevin Wayne Durant.

Is Kevin durant from Baltimore?

Kevin Durant is from Washington

Does Kevin durant have a wife?

No, Kevin Durant is not married.

What does kevin durant do?

Kevin Durant is a basketball player, and he played for the Golden state Warriors, but now plays for the Phoenix Suns

What is kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant's wingspan is an amazing 7'4"

What is Kevin Durant's full name?

Kevin Wayne Durant

Who is better ray Allen or Kevin durant?

Kevin Durant

Whose better Kevin Durant or Michael Jordan?

Kevin Durant

How long is kevin Durant's wingspan?

kevin durant has a wingspan of 7'2

What is kevin Durant wingspan?

Kevin Durant's wingspan is an amazing 7'4"

Has Kevin durant been arrested?

Yes kevin durant did get arrested