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The Raiders played in the bay area from 1960 through 1981. In 1982 they played their first of thirteen seasons in Los Angeles. After the end of the 1994 season, they relocated back to McAfee Coliseum in Oakland.

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Q: How many seasons did the Raiders play in Los Angeles?
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How many seasons have the Oakland Raiders not made the play offs?

As of 2011 season. The raiders have not made playoffs 9 consecutive seasons.

Did Vince Evans play for the Oakland Raiders?

Yes, Vince Evans spent 8 seasons with the Raiders (1987, 1989-1995). The Raiders were located in Oakland in 1995 and in Los Angeles for the other years.

What teams did bo Jackson play for in the NFL?

Los Angeles Raiders

How long did the NFL's Raiders play in Los Angeles?


How many times did the Los Angeles Raiders play in the Super Bowl?

The Los Angeles Raiders played in one Super Bowl, that being Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. They defeated the Washington Redskins 38-9.

Did Marcus Allen play for the aokland raders?

No, he played for the Los Angeles Raiders.

What football team did Bo Jackson play for?

he played for the los angeles raiders

How long did Wayne Gretzky play for Los Angeles kings?

8 seasons

What sport does Oakland Raiders play?

The Oakland Raiders are a team in the National Football League. They were known as the Los Angeles Raiders up until a few years ago when the name switched to Oakland Raiders.

Did bo Jackson play both baseball and football in the same season?

Yes ... for 4 seasons between 1987-1990. He played baseball with the Kansas City Royals and football for the Los Angeles Raiders.

When did the raiders and chargers first play?

The first regular season between the Raiders and Chargers was November 27, 1960 in Los Angeles. The Chargers won, 52-28.

What division do the Raiders play in?

The Raiders play in the AFC West division.

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