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Manchester United currently has 55,000 season ticket holders, ahead of the 2014/15 Premier League season.

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Q: How many season ticket holder's do Manchester United have?
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A 2002 Manchester Metropolitan University survey found that, whilst only 29% of Manchester United season ticket holders were from Manchester ( Compared to 40% for City ), United have over a thousand more season tickets holders in Manchester - 7808 compared to 6678. If we are talking Greater Manchester then there wouldn't be much in it but unless anyone has done a survey of over 2 million people then we are relying on hearsay. They both play in different boroughs of Greater Manchester - United in Trafford ( hence Old Trafford ) and City in the ' City of Manchester '. That's why you hear loads of City fans saying there is only one club in Manchester but technically they are both the same distance from the centre. United are known as having a huge fan base so obviously a lot of their fans will be from elsewhere in the country. That doesn't mean that they aren't supported equally well in Manchester though.

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