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Q: How many seashores are there in the world now?
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What are benefits of the rocky seashores?

many things

Seashores have moderate temperature comment?

There are many seashores that have a moderate temperature. This is because the water acts as a buffer and stabilizes temperature.

Are there seashores in Jamaica?

yes there are seashores in Jamaica.

Is there a difference between seashores and rocky shores?

Yes, seashore refers to all seashores, many are beaches which are sandy only. But, some seashores are covered with or made up of large stones -- these are referred to a rocky shores.

Do monkeys live in seashores?

some live on seashores, others live in the jungle

When was The Seashores of Old Mexico created?

The Seashores of Old Mexico was created on 2006-02-13.

Are there any seashores in Ontario?

There are seashores on the portions of the coastlines of Hudson Bay and James Bay that are in the Province of Ontario.

What are facts about seashores?

it has living things in it

Why are mussels not found on sandy seashores?

Mussels are not found on sandy seashores because they are not readily supported in this environment. Mussels need to be in water to survive.

Where are the seashores eggs fertilized?

In the males pouch.

What are seahorses hunted by?

Seashores are hunted by people.

Where is sandy soil found specifically?

seashores,and beach