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Q: How many seams on an American basketball?
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How many seams are on an American football?

six 4 seams

Why do basketballs have fake seams?

because you don't need real seams to make a basketball.

What is the black lining on a basketball called?

The black linings on a basketball are called the seams.

Did the first basketballs have seams cut on the outside?

The first basketball was invented in 1942 by a physical education teacher named, James Naismith. The first basketball had seams on the outside that was used to identify the type of ball it was, and it was also used to for support. The seams in the basketball help the person playing keep grip of the ball.

How many seams does a cricket ball have?

Cricket ball has 4 seams.

How many basketball teams are in American leagues?


What is different about the science of a basketball and the science of a softball?

There are actually many differences. A softball is much lighter than a basketball, the skins are different, basketballs are also inflated. Softballs also have seams, and are more aerodynamic. :) happy to help

Does a basketball have a lot of surface to volume ratio?

No. A sphere has the smallest surface to volume ratio possible and a basketball is nearly spherical in shape (it has surface dimpling and seams).

How many basketball teams are in the American League?

30 teams

How many American players are there in euroleague basketball?

over 100 players

When was American Basketball Association created?

American Basketball Association was created in 1967.

When did American Basketball Association end?

American Basketball Association ended in 1976.

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